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Visioning Spaces 

.… Already Exists in its Spiritual Realm

People who feel moved by the drawings and descriptions of Visioning Spaces are able to go there in its spiritual realm and share their feelings and experiences.

Some report variations in the sanctuary building from what we have seen, and it appears to us that they see experience what is right for them. Indeed, there is more than one Visioning Spaces. How extraordinary!

When you visit, see what is around you, touch the building, feel the cool water in the pool, smell the fresh air, hear the birds singing outside and the bubbling water. Contact us and let us know what you experience.

You have arrived at the entrance …

Let the cares of the day fall away.
Come in and stroll through the parkland and gardens. 
Take your time.
Find your space for today.
Listen to the birdsong.
Smell the air.
Immerse yourself.
You might like to visit the sanctuary.
Inside the sanctuary,
be enveloped in the play and colours of light.
Rejuvenate and experience yourself in a new way.
Bring your questions to Visioning Spaces.
The calm and stillness can reveal the answers.

Envisage a serene entrance …

Visioning Spaces
Do you want to enter through the main entrance arch and get the clear view onto the sanctuary?

Or do you prefer to enter through a side gate entrance and linger in the parkland first?

Your pace will slow down, you look around and it is as if you see with different eyes. What does catch your attention?

Engage your senses …

What do you smell? Hear?

Do you feel like sitting down near the water?

Or does the sanctuary draw you in?

The crystal obelisk tower of the sanctuary is a beacon and attracts the light. Do you resonate with that?

Or is it the strong base firm on the ground with its beautiful arched glass windows that grounds you ?

Enjoy your serenity …

Whatever you experience here you can take it with you when you slowly make your way back, stepping into the gardens you might want to linger ?

Or you can take the path to one of the seven gateways.

We hope you can get a feel for the power of
Visioning Spaces.

Find your own way next time.

… now you have been here, give it a try in your very own way.

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