The Vision

Bringing Peace

Visioning Spaces: 

A sanctuary for peace for all humanity, set in landscaped gardens and parkland.
A place of deep calm and inner joy, created by unique architecture, stained-glass windows, abundant nature, and the integrity of the creative process.
A place to be inspired  …  
to catch a glimpse of Heaven.

Open to Everyone:
Visioning Spaces is open to everyone, all day, every day of the year, free of charge. 

Healing Gardens:
The healing gardens are a well-managed amenity open to the public. Volunteers of all ages, with professional help, maintain and develop the gardens, to reflect all cultures. 

Accessible, Sustainable Design:
The aim is to create a comfortable environment inside and outside, for all seasons, to be a beacon. 

Many visitors will come from out of town and abroad, to experience its atmosphere and admire its beauty.

Although the main focus of Visioning Spaces is individual contemplation and healing, its role also includes promoting interfaith understanding, human rights, equality and social justice worldwide.

In the evening, Visioning Spaces will become a meeting place for over 300 people. Wedding
Ceremonies and events celebrating humanity will take place; whatever is considered appropriate.
Commercial hire will help raise funds for the ongoing project.

Meeting Point:
Individual religious and spiritual groups already have places to meet – at Visioning Spaces they will be invited to have special meetings and ceremonies.

Visioning Spaces, once built, will be guided by a forum of spiritual leaders and distinguished scholars, of all creeds and traditions. They will advise the directors of the independent Not-For-Profit
charitable organisation that is set up to govern it.

Locally Managed:
The charter and directors will ensure that the ethos and aims of Visioning Spaces are followed in
perpetuity, and also evolve to reflect a developing in society. The organisation will appoint and direct the executive management and staff.

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