Manifesting the Vision

Location, Development & Governance

For this project to move from a vision to a reality there are many challenges to face.We continue to search for a space that can fulfil this dream and as we do so we engage in conversations with communities and faith groups. 

Funding will be raised as well as sought from individuals and organisations when the moment is right and the faith everyone has in this project will carry its transition into reality. 

The Site:

~ To be readily accessible by public transport, to be open to everyone and minimise carbon footprint, best in the centre of the city. 

~ To preserve and control its integrity in perpetuity we prefer to build Visioning Spaces on private land. 

~ Visioning Spaces cannot be built on public land, for political reasons. 

~ For example, a golf course can be re-purposed for Visioning Spaces. 


Developing the site

Complementary uses such as accommodation, restaurants, office, scientific research, schools, cultural places, etc, that can daily benefit from the special qualities of Visioning Spaces, its parkland and sanctuary. 

Development profits help fund further development and running costs. 

~ Developed over many years, even decades.

~ Preserve the purpose of Bringing Peace in perpetuity. 

~ Allow Visioning Spaces to evolve with society. 

Location of the site:

We see Visioning Spaces all over the world near major population centres. Toronto seems to be the place to start 

~ Millions of people of cultures from all around the world live in pluralistic Toronto 

~ Toronto is on the north side of Lake Ontario, historically the winter meeting place of North American First Nations peoples, long before Canada and the USA existed.

~ The need has been expressed by many groups of people in Toronto, after seeing Visioning Spaces presented to them over recent years. Read our Testimonials


  • Preserve the purpose of Bringing Peace in perpetuity.
  • Allow Visioning Spaces to evolve with society.
  • Each centre to have a not-for-profit organisation with a forum of spiritual leaders and distinguished scholars, of all creeds and traditions, guiding executive directors.


  • Directors employ operational staff and engage extensively with volunteers.
  • The sanctuary building by day is a place of contemplation, and in the evening a meeting place for events of up to 300 people. All seating is movable.
  • Visioning Spaces expects tourists from around the world.

There is an enduring legacy awaiting the people who build Visioning Space. May you be guided to contact us if that is you.

Your thoughts and feelings on Visioning Spaces? Please let us know: