The Story

Where does Visioning Spaces come from?

In 1997, Harman Scott is in Toronto visiting his cousin Deborah. The conversation turns to spiritual matters, which they are both deeply interested in. She reveals that she has a gift, to connect with the archangel Michael. He reveals through Deborah that Harman will in the future be involved in creating places of peace and healing, in America and maybe also Europe. As an architect, Harman asks more detail and Deborah sees buildings with stained glass, but nothing more. Harman is amazed, and is puzzled as to what to do with this information.

It is now August 2011. Harman is seeking direction in his ‘right work’. He sincerely prays to God as to what this is and immediately sees a vision of a building, single storey, with many sloping sides, an arch window to each, and a spire of light going up into the sky. Harman wonders what this image is and what to do with it, not making the connection with the message from Archangel Michael in 1997 until several years later.

By January 2013, Harman is still mystified by his right work ‘vision’. He starts drawing the image he saw in it, which is still very clear. The sketch below is the result. Providence moves. ‘Visioning Spaces’, as he later names it (at least for now), begins to emerge.

In this first sketch, the enclosure is correct. However, the rather heavy glazed pointed tower is an architectural interpretation, later corrected.

In this first section drawing, Harman explores what is happening inside.

At last linking the 1997 revelation through his cousin, Harman asks God directly where the building is to be located. Toronto is revealed, and reaffirmed several times, as the right first location.

2014 – Harman builds a sketch model, to feel Visioning Spaces in 3D.

Seven Sided Designs
Seven Sided Designs

Harman also creates images to show the light shaft closer to the original vision, however the pointed top is later realised as still an interpretation, and changes.

The first setting is imagined in a downtown Toronto square, to be easily accessible by everyone. The essential elements are the sanctuary building, healing gardens and flowing water.

The entrance is warm and welcoming.

The interior is explored further, however the columns prevent it being used as a large meeting space, and they are removed in the later image below.

Healing Gardens & Parkland
Visioning Spaces

The interior as a flexible space.

A small shallow pool is added in the centre later.

Visioning Spaces

Harman asks how the sanctuary building might be used. Perhaps by people seeking peace and tranquillity, at any time of the day.

In April 2015, the first public presentation of the Visioning Spaces concept images is made by Harman, to a large group of his friends, in Perth, Scotland. In June, Harman explores the concept further in Toronto, with many small groups of people, from a number of different communities in this pluralistic society. It is well received, but more work on it is required.

In this image the glazed tower is closer to the shaft of light of the original vision.

Seven Sided Sanctuary

From 2016-2018, Harman visits Toronto another five times, developing his understanding of the project, talking to many people and exploring suggested locations.

He prepares more images to illustrate his increased awarenesses.

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Seven Sided Designs

After much searching, it is concluded that ideally, Visioning Spaces sanctuary and healing gardens should be built on a re-purposed golf course in Greater Toronto, or on an existing retreat site. Expensive to buy, but within the reach of a wealthy Patron or real estate developer.

Find out more …. Location Development & Governance

At the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto 2018, the project is exhibited. Despite an extraordinary amount of interest and repeated statements that Visioning Spaces is really need by the world right now, no Paton appears. 

In this video, founder Harman Scott and supporters summarize the scope of the project for Toronto. 

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Perhaps you would like to complete your part of the Visioning Spaces story and visit it right now?