Parkland & Healing Gardens


Extensive parkland, contemplative gardens and flowing water are all part of Visioning Spaces. They are a transitional space between the busy life of the city and the sanctuary building, a sanctuary in themselves, a place to walk, exercise, play, gather, or be on your own. Like the Sanctuary building, a place to be inspired

Healing Gardens & Parkland

The parkland and healing gardens are informal designed recreating open grass for gatherings, quieter spaces as a haven of peace, areas to sit, especially by the water.

Robust and naturally arranged rocks and tree trunks to scramble over, with wild planting to soften. Designed for manageable maintenance.

Immerse yourself in nature, and feel its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Experience the different seasons reflected in the gardens and parkland, designed to provide changing colours all year round.

Fruit trees, medicinal flowers and herbs stimulate all the senses.

Babbling water flows in the cascading pools. There are ample water edges to sit by on rocks or benches. Footbridges connect you to small islands. Gently flowing water can calm your heart and mind.

Take time to wander, sit and just be. Let the experience bring you peace.’

“Visual delight from changes in the seasons, and evolving ideas and a haven for birds, creatures and insects essential to continue our very precious ecosystem.”

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