Parkland & Healing Gardens

Extensive contemplative gardens, parkland and flowing water are all part of Visioning Spaces. It is a place to walk, exercise, play, gather, or be on your own. Like the Sanctuary building, a place to be inspired.

Healing Gardens & Parkland

As you enter the parkland and healing gardens, feel the peace that touches you, the transition from your daily busy life. Today for you it may be a place for contemplation, or exercise, picnic, general relaxation, or for whatever inspires you. See around you families, groups of friends and individuals.

Immerse yourself in the nature, and feel its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Experience the different seasons reflected in the gardens and parkland, designed to provide changing colours all year round.

Hear the calm of the babbling and flowing water in the cascading pools. There is ample waters edge to site by. Walk over a footbridge to a small island. See the light reflect. Feel being near gently flowing water, calming heart and mind. Touch the water, necessary for all life.

Take time to wander, sit and just be, and know that all is well. Let the experience bring you peace.

“Visual delight from changes in the seasons, and evolving ideas and a haven for birds, creatures and insects essential to continue our very precious ecosystem.”

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