The Sanctuary

The sanctuary provides a large space for contemplation. At the same time one can connect to the landscape and life outside through the stained-glass windows.

A central pool of water invites calmness. Moveable seating makes it a flexible space.

The sanctuary’s architecture is based on ancient sacred elements: a seven-sided space, arched stained-glass windows, and an inspirational seven-sided crystal obelisk. 

Seven Sided

The sanctuary’s 7 sided design reflects the number 7, appearing in natural phenomena, many spiritual concepts and religious teachings.

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The Arched Windows

The arched windows are shaped like a rainbow. Each window’s stained glass is inspired by a different rainbow colour. The stained glass features dichroic glass, which changes colour as one moves around, and fascinates the eye, especially when up close.

Being able to see the outside world through the stained glass art windows is a significant part of the design. It connects our experience in the sanctuary with our daily life.

The Pool

The shallow pool with babbling water in the centre of the sanctuary is surrounded by a low wall at seat height. A mosaic mandala enriches the base of the pool.

The pool adds to the peaceful and alive atmosphere.

Mosaic Mandala


This design is by Robert Mertens of Badger, California (

“The architecture of the sanctuary building invites one to rest, ponder, play and indeed create.

It is a safe space that invokes freedom.”

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