We Can Only See the Light Because of the Darkness

[At the time of the Covid-19 Lockdown]:

In times of darkness, the Light shines brighter.

Sometimes it’s hard to look at the Light.

It might need courage to look, and turn to, the Light.

Important to remember the darkness. It balances, evens us out, so the Light is bearable.

To have the use of the Light, we need to accept and value the dark times, which give us the strength to face the Light.

They (darkness and Light) play together, this is yin and yang, totally.

When you look at the Light, it is important to stop and be aware that we can only see the Light because of the darkness. Take time.

Only when we take time, stop, be really aware, can we see that we can only see the Light because of the darkness.

Those who really went through the darkness can see the Light.

Darkness [in this receiving] means difficult, challenging, suffering times, during which we give something up. Because of this, we are really able to get a better understanding of the Light of God.

Go with God through the dark times.

Whatever we go through, connect with God, so God can make us understand the Light.

Capture the feeling of darkness and Light.